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If you would like an estimate of the current value of your property via the NET please complete the following information and click the "Send" button.

Fill out the following form as completely as possible and I will do an extensive search for properties that can form the basis of such a comparison.  We call this report a "Comparative Market Analysis" or "CMA."  This is not an "Appraisal" but utilizes many of the techniques that a professional appraiser uses when doing a formal appraisal.


(all of the information you send will be held in strictest confidence)
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Street Address:

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House market evaluations can vary by more than 10% when we are unable to view the inside.  Would you like us to view the inside of your home?
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The basis for making an informed decision about the value of your home must include a current comparison of your home with others that are similar and that have sold recently.  After all value is related not to what people are asking for their property but rather what an informed buyer is willing to pay.


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