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Do I Need a Buyer's Agent?

What everyone needs to know about buyer broker representation

Buying a home is probably the most important purchase you will ever make.   Don't do it alone!  Smart home buyers receive undivided confidential representation by choosing a "Buyer Agent". I work for you and promise:

  • Loyalty
  • Diligence
  • Confidentiality
  • Full Disclosure

But that is not all -- as your representative, I will share valuable and essential information with you such as:

  • Whether the seller will accept a lower price
  • The seller's reason for selling and timetable
  • How long the home has been on the market
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the property

Most importantly, you can ask for advice and assistance in setting your offering price and terms of your offer.  Have peace of mind knowing an advocate is working on your behalf to help you buy at the best possible price and terms.  For more information, please read the article below.

Which type of Agency Relationship is best for you?

In Nova Scotia, you the buyer have a choice of how you wish to be represented in your real estate transaction. The following explains the advantages and disadvantages to each type of relationship to enable you to decide what's best for you.

We work using all  types of brokerage, and as such offer you a full palette of services from which to select.  Unlike some firms, which try to "push you" into one specific mold, we believe that people do different things for different reasons, and should have the right to choose the services that are best for them.


Choice #1 - A Sellers Agent.  This is what some call "traditional real estate" the way it has been practiced for decades.  Unless otherwise disclosed, the "listing agent" in Nova Scotia represents the "Seller" in a real estate transaction.  The Agent is obligated to show Fairness and Honesty to the Buyer as well as to Disclose any and all known Defects or Issues which may affect the decision to buy the property.

Advantage - There is no binding relationship to any one Realtor or commitment, other than perhaps an obvious moral one, to work with any particular agent.  You come and go as you please. Your agent will efficiently show you any home listed in the Multiple Listing Service.

Disadvantage - In a market like the one we now have in the Halifax Regional Municipality, the available listing inventory is extremely low. In times like these, many of the most desirable listings never even make it to the market.  If I know that I have three listings coming on the market in the next week, I will commonly contact all of the buyers I'm currently representing as a Buyers Agent and give them a week or two notice prior to the home coming on the market for the general public.   While we do not believe in the unethical practice of "pocketing the listing for a week," it rarely happens that someone we speak with is ready to put their home on the market today.  Often, they will be tidying up for a few days, doing a little painting, perhaps just waiting for the job transfer to be "official."  It is in that crucial week, that my Buyer Clients can get the jump on the rest of the people out there.  

 Because I have these Buyers "under contract," I have nothing to lose by giving them this information in advance.  I would not typically give such information to a buyer who did not commit to working with me, because they could then take that information and pass it along to another Realtor.

Another potential disadvantage in this type of Agency Relationship is the sheer amount of time a Realtor will spend with a buyer who tells them up front that they won't commit to working with them.  It's a little like asking an attorney to do all the research on your case, but not saying you'll let him or her be the one to take it to trial.  They'll eventually do it, but the clients on retainer will most assuredly take priority.

Choice #2 - A Buyers Agent
- Available in many provinces for years, Buyer Agency has truly taken hold in Nova Scotia only in the past three or four years.  In Buyer Agency, the Buyer will actually sign a contract with the Agent.  It really simplifies into a very simple relationship predicated on a few basic concepts.

(a) The Buyer agrees to work exclusively with that Agent to find them a home.

(b) The Buyer agrees to pay the Agent a fee for their service, usually a percentage of the sales price.  In Nova Scotia, this fee is almost always paid by "The Seller" of the home.  The Seller is already offering a fee of X% to the Agent who brings the Buyer, and the Buyer has this fee "Assigned to" their "Buyers Agent" in order to fulfill their commitment to them.

Advantages - Since a Buyers Agent represents the Buyer - not the Seller in the transaction, they can provide additional services such as Researching the property, Showing properties not in the Multiple Listing Service (FSBO, Bank Owned, Corporate, Expireds), Performing a Market Analysis on the subject home to determine its value, Negotiating with Builders and developers. These services are typically offered with no additional fee to the buyer.

Since the Buyer has committed to work with that Agent, the Agent knows that eventually the buyer will buy a home from them.  There is no "pressure" on the Agent to "close the deal." Rather, by providing professional service and counseling, and sometimes even telling a buyer when to "walk away" from a deal, they can sometimes perform more functions.

Every day, more homes hit the MLS System.  As these are posted on the MLS system along with price changes and newly expired listings I check daily for homes my clients may be looking for.  My Buyer Clients will get first chance.

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, my Buyer Clients will often have a few weeks notice in advance of the new listings hitting the general market.    Since my fee is guaranteed by contract, I don't have to worry about giving out this information in advance, since they can't "go around me" anyway.

Disadvantages - Don't pick the wrong agent and get stuck with someone you're not comfortable working with.  Select your agent carefully before signing any agreements.  Ask the Agent to include a "Termination Clause" to get out of the relationship if you're not happy.

Choice #3 - Disclosed Dual Agency. This occurs whenever someone who I am representing as a Buyer Agent is interested in a property listed by me or my company.  Essentially it means that we're representing both parties in the transaction fairly and honestly with the written permission of both parties.  

Advantages - Similar to Buyer Agency

Disadvantages - As a Disclosed Dual Agent, we cannot come right out and tell you "what to offer," as though that was ever of much use anyway.  We can give you, if you ask, all of the comparable sales on the street and do a market analysis. You have to then decide what price you think is fair.   Other than that, we're still obligated to disclose any defect or issues about the home or area that may affect your decision. This is for your protection as well as ours.

Both my team and myself are ready to go to work for you in finding you the perfect home whether it be a starter home or an estate. We work exclusively for the buyer on all relocation moves, which means we will represent you and look after your interests.

While a lot more can be said about buyer representation, let me wrap it up by saying that my team and myself will treat you the way we would expect to be treated if we were in your shoes. We may not always tell you what you want to hear, but we will always tell you what you need to hear.

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