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Step-By-Step Guide to Saving $$$ When You Buy

First Step - Getting Educated

Congratulations!  You've just taken the first step to becoming an educated homebuyer.  It is vital that you become empowered with information since buying a home is one of the most important and costly decisions in your life.

I am proud to offer all the FREE information necessary to homebuyers shopping for their home in the local newspaper.  The ads that you are looking at represent only 10% of the homes that are available on the market today (not much information to make an informed decision.)

I also offer all the FREE information you will need on homes that are for sale by owner, properties not yet listed, all the homes on our Multiple Listing Service, and new home subdivisions.

We will be happy to send you information that will save you thousands of $$$s in the home buying process.

There are more benefits and faster results for you as a homebuyer with our "Hassle Free Homebuyer's Assistance Program"

Second Step - Getting Pre-Approved

Allow me to introduce you to Sutton Group's CIBC Mortgage.  CIBC is able to get you pre-approved quickly so that there are no surprises after you have found a home that you love. 

Third Step - Choosing the Best Properties

Traditional real estate agents will show buyers properties that they personally have listed or their company listings and in doing so will probably overlook properties that are of interest to you. You will not know about them because you never see these properties.

You should be the one deciding which properties on the market you'd like to see and consider.  As a member of our "Hassle Free Homebuyer's Assistance Program", we help you determine what your "Reality List".   After completing your "reality list"  you fill out a questionnaire that tells us exactly what you are looking for in a home.

We then enter your information in our Homebuyer's data base and from that point forward, we send you detailed information on all properties that fit your criteria.  If I were to limit the properties to just the properties that I have listed, it would be extremely unfair to you and not good business on my part.   You receive information on every property in the area that you stipulate.  Decide which properties interest you the most and drive by them at your convenience.  When you see a home that you think is a possibility, call us and we will immediately schedule an appointment go take a look at the inside of the home.

Fourth Step - The Offer (and Possible Counteroffer)

This step is where getting Pre-Approved is especially effective. When I write the offer of purchase, I can SHOW that you are Pre-Approved by enclosing the Pre-Approval letter with the offer. With the Pre-Approval letter, I am also able to let the seller know that a fast escrow is possible. These facts increase your opportunity to purchase the property for the very best price. I will also include the inspections, a time schedule, and all other conditions that are important to you in the offer to purchase. Should their by a counter offer I will help you negotiate a Win- Win result. The seller may counter your offer. You can accept or reject the counter offer or the process can go back and forth until you are satisfied. The day the agreement is reached is the day of acceptance.

Fifth Step - The offer or counter offer are accepted

This is the beginning of the timetable of inspections, loan processing, and other terms of the contract. The Lender, Lawyer, and I make sure the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed. Your deposit check will be cashed and the funds held by the Real Estate company. The lawyer has the job of ensuring that all of the necessary conditions of the contract are fulfilled before transfer of the title to the property takes place. Final documents are signed at your lawyer's just before the close of the home.

Inspections -- You and I now begin the process of inspections including (but not limited to)  a complete home inspection, a roof inspection, and chimney inspection. In rural areas -- well and septic inspections and certification, and/or any other inspections that seem prudent to protect your interests.  A clear title will be obtained before close of your home and you will see these documents at the time you sign your closing papers.

Walk Through --Shortly before close of escrow, I will accompany you on a Walk Through inspection during which you will assure yourself that all of the items that were supposed to be done are complete and that all of the major systems of the property are in good working order.

Completing the closing --When all of the conditions are complete, and you are ready to take possession, you will meet with the lawyer and sign all of the papers. A few days before you are to sign, you should ask the lawyer to tell you the exact amount of cash you need to close. You will need to obtain a cashier’s check drawn on a registered bank and have it made out to the lawyer who will pay the closing costs on your behalf. One other way to transfer the money into an account is to make arrangements ahead of time for your bank to wire the funds to the lawyer.

Funding -- The endorsed paperwork goes back to the lender for final review. The lender then funds the loan and sends these funds to your lawyer.

Recording --The title company will have the Deed recorded, which places the property in your name. Now it is YOUR PROPERTY -- move on in.

Order Your Home Buyer's Kit

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